Yung mga kamag-anak kong walang ibang nakikita kundi mga mali ko. And pati ba naman ako kaiingitan niyo pa? Sige lang ipagpatuloy niyo yan!! Pagsigawan niyo pa sa buong universe. Diyan kayo magaling akala niyo naman kung sino kayong magagaling at duh!!! Pati pamilya ko kung ano-anong pinagsasabi niyo e wala naman kayong alam!! Magsama-sama kayong mga walang kwentang kamag-anak.


This day I was given an opportunity to work in an Attorney’s Office for my ojt but after the orientation I refused. I mean.. of course I can do it but I’m not sure if I can do it well. I might just disappoint them.

But I admit I kinda regret it and I realize I need that experience. (if in case I’ll take a -law subjects- after graduation).

The unwanted

In one of my subjects awhile ago, our Professor gave us a task. It is to make a hosting event in preparation for our future career because we might be invited to be a host in the future. This task will be done by group so we need to choose our own group-mates. And it was my very first time to experience that nobody choose or take an action to include me in their group and the sad part is . . . the only two person whom I know in the class left me, they went to join the other group so I was forced to join the other two person who are also left alone by their friends. Luckily, there are two absents in the class who will be included in our group next meeting. God bless us!! We can do this!!  #fighting #teamleftalone #teamleftbehind

So-called friends

I realized that those friends I earned during this years in college are not worth it because I have a strong feeling that they are all pretending to love me in my face but talk shit about me behind my back. The sad thing is I thought I was blessed with true friends all these years and it hurts because I treat them as sisters. Now I learned that nowadays it is indeed hard to find true friends, I mean the real ones that can truly accept what and who you are. So beware !!!